Sean A. McAlister Is The Vice President Of Digital With Victory Media

October 10, 2015
Sean A. McAlister is the Vice President of Digital with Victory Media, a position he has held since March of 2015. He is responsible for transforming the company into a streamlined digital venture. Ideally, he wants to be able to position the company for accelerated growth across each of its three different departments. Sean A. McAlister is charged with overseeing the re-engineering of the core technology development process as well as data infrastructure integrations in order to streamline them and put better cost-controls in place.

Sean A. McAlister is also putting together, training, and leading a team of digital marketing experts who are focused on how to accelerate the company's digital objectives through rapid growth. This includes lead generation, user acquisition, site traffic, market penetration, and revenues, amongst other digital issues. Sean A. McAlister has proven his worth to Victory Media in less than a year, but he is looking to show them how far he can take the company in the future.
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